Competition Results

June 9 – June 17


Over the week-end Bundaberg Golf Club hosted Golf Wide Bay 2018 Open/Closed Men’s Championship with the event sponsored by Craig Swift Bundaberg Pro Shop and Palm Lakes Resort Bargara.  On behalf of all players thank you for your generous support of the event.  Golf Wide Bay Open and Closed Champion 2018 is Andrew Eaves from Maryborough with a 36-Hole Gross score of 141, congratulations Andy, well done.  36-Hole Gross winners were A-grade Scott Warren GG 145; B-grade Paul Easton BUN 167 and C-grade Nick Reverman NAM 188 c/back.  36-Nole Nett winners were A-grade Matt Janke BUN 137; B-grade Ross Noffke BUN 133 and C-grade Peter Baxter BUN 147 on c/back.  36-Hole Gross runners-up were A-grade Lachlan Hancock MB 146; B-grade Warren Jennings BAR 168 and C-grade Tony Walker BUN 188.  36-Hole Nett runners-up were A-grade Scott Perkins BAR 140; B-grade Ken Thompson BUN 137 and C-grade Gary Winterburn BUN 147.  Saturday Results: 18-Hole Gross winners were A-grade Renton Ritchie HB 71; B-grade David Gordon BUN 78 and C-grade Doug Leet BUN 87.  18-Hole Nett winners were Tony Juillerat BUN 68; B- grade Russell Chapman BUN 67; C-grade Jarrod Lowe BUN 71.  18-Hole Gross runners-up were A-grade Chris Crouch IS 72; B-grade John Muller BUN 79 and C-grade Anthony Dunphy BAR 92 on c/back.  18-Hole Nett runners-up were A-grade Troy Pashley BUN 70 on c/back; B-grade Fred Lowe BUN 69 c/back and C-grade Rod MacInnes 72 c/back.  Sunday results: 18-Hole Gross winners were A-grade Blaike Perkins BAR 72; B-grade Neil Weston BUN 79 and C-grade Paul Garland MB 88.  18-Hole Nett winners were A-grade Swayne Whiting BUN 70; B-grade Keith Warburton BAR on 69 c/back and C-grade Jayden Whiting BUN 67. 18- Hole Gross runners-up winners were A-grade Thomas Hall BUN 74; B-grade Doug Burrows MB 83 and C-grade Carl Grotaers BUN 92 on c/back.  18-Hole Nett runners-up winners were A-grade Jason Whiting BUN 73; Wayne Chalmers BUN on 69 c/back; C-grade Mike Roberts BUN 73.  Pinshots Saturday: 2 Blaike Perkins BAR 1.69, 4 Glen Wilmott 1.65, 8 Chris Rowe 0.79, 14 Paul Easton 2.31. Pinshots Sunday: 2 Lachlan Hancock MB 3.62, 4 Chris Crouch IS 1.22, 8 Scott Warren GG 1.08, 14 Jarrod Briggs NAM 2.35. Approaches Saturday: A-grade on 1 Leon McKay MB 1.1; B-grade on 13 David Obst 2.4.  Sunday approaches: A-grade on 1 Jason Beeston 2.47; B-grade on 13 Dennis Somers BAR 2.7 and C-grade on 9 Michael Barnes 6.27.

Competitions this week-end: Saturday June 23 is a 2-person Aggregate Stableford and trophies on the day are sponsored by Michael Gee, Donut King Sugarland.  Sunday is Monto Men’s and Ladies Open Day and the Bundaberg Junior Carnival.  Thursday June 28 is round 2 of the Upper Crust (Open) Back-Marker Challenge, shotgun start at 11.30am.  Be sure to register at the pro shop to play in this event.   Entry of $25.00 includes golf and food provided, from 10.30am to start time, by Upper Crust Bakery and Cafe (Jason and Emma), Moore Park and Kensington.   A dozen golf balls to men who shoot 70 nett or better and the ladies who shoot 71 nett or better. Contact the pro shop on 4151 6706 if more information is required about the day.


Tuesday 12 June was the final round of the 2018 Veterans Nett Championships over 36 holes.  Men’s Champion is Graham Hunt with 136 nett and the Ladies Champion is Beryl Gatt 145 nett.  Runner-up trophy for the men, kindly donated by Cheryl Wright, was won by Joey Wilmott with 139 nett.  The Ladies runner-up nett winner was Miriam Newman on 150; this trophy was generously donated by Audrey Neill.    Congratulations to all winners. Daily competition: Men’s winner was Graham Hunt 69 nett c/back and the Ladies was won by Anna Toovey 72 on c/back.  Men’s run-down: G Ridge 69; R MacInnes 71; P Hughes, L Killer, P Ryan, B Ives 72; G MacDonald, G Wilmott 73 c/back.  Ladies consolations: B Gatt 72; H Davies 74; L Loveday, D Crowley, L Finsen, Mi Newman 75; K Tischler 76 on c/back.  Men’s pro’s pinshot on 4th L O’Shanesy 4.58, A Gray, G Ridge, B Ives, L Killer 14.50.  Men’s club pinshot 14th B Dansey 9.96, G Ridge 10.60 and the men’s approach on the 17th B Ives 0.7, L Killer 0.45.  Ladies pro’s approach 4th A Chalmers 0.43, Mi Newman, L Loveday, K Tischler, H Davies, L Finsen, V Earney, J Wilson, J Petterson 4.52.  Ladies club approach on 8th J Davis 0.43, D Crowley 0.70 and the ladies club approach on the 17th V Mitchell 0.24 and A Chalmers 1.17.  Tuesday the competition is a Stableford (Bungara shield at Bundaberg has been postponed to Tuesday July 3).  In order to get the field out on time, 11am, it would be appreciated if players would please register by 10.45am.  Field J Wilson and G McCracken cards A Chalmers.


Thursday’s was winner Barry Dangerfield 65 nett and runner-up Ken Thompson 66.  Consolations: B Illingworth 67; C Rowe, W Ives 69; H Peers. B McDonell 70; P Stockham, E Richardson 71; D Shaw 72; C Gibbons, L Killer 73; P Easton, R Ephraims, E Martin 74 on c/back.  Approach 3rd Adam Rayner 3.33 and the 12th A Portelli 3.06.  Pinshots: 2nd M Haster 1.80, P Stockham 10.95, 4th B Dangerfield 6.20, N Hart 7.10, 8th D Shaw 5.10, 14th L Killer 1.13, T Richardson 4.15.  Thursday June 21 is a Stableford.


Thursday’s Stableford competition was won by Margaret Magnusson with 34 points, run-down Jean Davis and the approach Helen Davies. Saturday and Sunday the ladies played in the Golf Wide Bay 2018 Open and Closed Championships.  This year’s Champion is our very own Kate McFarlane with a Gross score of 148, with many other Bundaberg Ladies collecting trophies. Competitions this week: Thursday is a Stableford; hit-off 9.30am, please register with Pro shop by 9am if you are intending to play.  Saturday June 23 is the first round of the Ladies 4BBB Stroke Championships, round 2 on Saturday June 30.  Trophies on Saturday will be sponsored by Kathy Scotney and Sue Busch, and 4BBB Championship trophies over 36 holes donated again this year by Lorraine Schafer and Ann Leet.  Sunday is Monto Men’s and Ladies Open Day and also Bundaberg Junior Carnival.