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Due to the glorious rain our course was deemed unplayable, so there were no competitions, except the Sporters, held for this week.

Thursday November 25 was a Stableford won by Matthew Hess with 32 points and the runner-up was Wayne Adcock 31.  Pinshots: 2nd G Hay 9.00; 8th J Perry 0.93; 14th W Adcock 5.99.   Thursday December 2 is a Stroke and Thursday December 9 is a Stableford.

Competitions next week for Men and Women –

Saturday December 4 is a Stableford, sponsored by Troy Coates, Bundaberg Marineland.  Saturday December 11 is a Stableford, sponsored by Michael Gee, Donut King, Stockland; Many thanks to our generous sponsors.  Bundaberg Golf Club Annual General Meeting is on Sunday December 12 commencing 10.30am followed by Christmas Hamper Day, 4 Ball Turkey Scramble, shotgun start at 11.30am. Names in groups of four on the sheet in the pro shop please.  Finals of Golf Wide Bay 2021 Pennants to be played at Coral Cove 5 December including Bundaberg finalists, B Grade Men and A Grade Ladies.  Many thanks to all players who participated in the match play supporting our Club.


Men’s Burnett Cup 2022 Incorporating Peter Hitchcock Memorial Plate, sponsored by DGZ Financial Planning, Ross Gray Motor City and Scott Burke Solar, commences Saturday 29 January 2022.  The Ladies DGZ Burnett Cup 2022 in conjunction the Penny Teiniker Memorial Plate commences Saturday 5th February 2022.  Flyers for each event are available at the Pro Shop or clubhouse.  Be sure to read “conditions of play” on each Cup Flyer. Men – Nominations close 5pm Wednesday 26 January 2022. Round 1 of the Cup is on Saturday January 29 and round 2 of the Cup and round 1 Peter Hitchcock Memorial Plate Sunday January 30.  Ladies – Nominations close 5pm Wednesday 26 January 2022. Round 1 Ladies Burnett Cup is on Saturday February 5, Sunday February 6 round 2 “Cup” and round 1 Penny Teiniker Memorial Plate.



Saturday November 20 the competition was a stroke, including the “Victory Cup” play-off for monthly medal qualifiers from during the year.  Victory Cup winner 2021 was Rhys Grills nett 70. Congratulations Rhys. Daily winners in A grade were Kyal Moore 65 nett, runner-up Mitchell Goodwin 66, and 2nd runner-up Brock Wooldridge 68 c/b. The B grade winner was Alex Meale 65, runner-up Lyal O’Shanesy 68 c/b from 2nd runner-up Brendan Garrett (V) 68. The C grade winner was by Paul Brandon 70 c/b from runner-up Hugh O’Malley 70, and 2nd runner-up Ross Zielke 72. Credits: K Burton 68; J Muller, M Doolan, Z Bainbridge, P Hutchings, L Fox 69; D Blundell, T Marrinan, R Grills 70; G Hard, A Kirchner 71; D Anderson, S Warren (V), S Gills 72; J McEwan, B Stewart, R Cooke, J Bull, D Leet 73; P Casey, A Wooldridge, K Brown, B Stevens, Kev Barritt, T Olsen, R Morgan, N McMahon, B Druitt, L O’Keeffe, M Gee 74; K Ackerman, M Haster, A Pisani, W Tapper, R Burton, G Tesch, C Lamond, G Wilmott, K Turner, K Christensen, J Redshaw, D Straume, D Hingston 75.  Congratulations Mitchell Goodwin for your hole-in-one on the 14th hole. Approach on the 6th was won by Z Bainbridge 1.52, the18th J McEwan 0.05 and Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin on the 4th I Hazel 1.31.  Pro’s pinshots: 2nd T Pisani 3.79, J Gibbs, I Hazel, J Perry 8.04, 4th I Hazel 1.31, P Giles, H O’Malley, R Hatt, T Marrinan, Z Bainbridge, D Obst, K Ackerman 9.73, 8th A Kirchner 0.77, W Chalmers, R Balhorn, CJ Mutatiri, P Hutchings, J Hansen, T Mooney, J Muller, D Anderson, P Brandon, PJ Baxter 10.06, 14th M Goodwin Hole-in-one, R Zielke, P Cocking, B Stevens, D Gordon, J Muller, B Wooldridge, R Grills, S Gills, P Schoch, R Penny, P Casey 7.25, and 17th A Kirchner 1.92, D Cartwright, M Haster, R Grills, T Pisani 11.27.  Competitions next week: Saturday November 27 is sponsored by Muffin Break Hinkler/Stockland, Gary Holloway, and is a Tiger Stableford.  Sunday November 28 is the final round of “President’s Cup 2021” Bargara v Bundaberg.  All to play for as Bundy is 4 points behind.  Shotgun start at 12 noon.


Tuesday November 16 was a 2-person aggregate stableford, secret partners; trophies on the day were donated by Gordon and Linda Finsen and John and Pam McDowell.  Aggregate winners were Kerry Druce and Des Jackson with 70 points. Single stroke Men’s winner was Kerry Druce 42 points and the Ladies winner was Shirley Jarrett 33. Aggregate credits: K Christensen/ R MacInnes 67; B Pole/ S Jarrett 66; G Loveday/ D T Williamson 65; K Jones/ J Fletcher, I Keune/ B Ives 64; G Henry /C Tanzer 62; D Hingston/ K Callec 61.  Men’s Pinshot on the 4th was won by J Fletcher 3.00, B Ives 5.89, the 14th G Loveday 0.35, J Fletcher 2.22, and approach on 17th I Keune 0.97, G McCracken, P Hughes, G Hunt, D Hingston, B Stewart, R Maudsley, and L Killer 6.51. Ladies approach on the 4th was won by M Newman 0.42, A Chalmers, L Loveday, S Brandon, M Price 1.93, the 8th A Chalmers 0.34, M Newman 1.10 and the 17th M Newman 1.81, A Chalmers 2.00. Tuesday November 30 is a Stableford, Pudding Day, 9am shotgun start, sponsored by Val Earney, followed by the Veteran Golfers Annual General Meeting.  Please include your names on the sheet if you are able to play so hit-off tees can be arranged.


Thursday November 28 is a Stableford and Thursday December 2 is a stroke. 


Saturday November 20, stroke including the Medal Day Champion Play-off. Congratulations to our Medal Day Champion 2021, Sally Hancock with 73 nett. Daily winners in Division 1 were Sally Hancock 73 c/b from runner-up Del Crowley 73.  Division 2 was won by Patricia Talbot with 74 and runner-up Carmel Wooldridge 78.  Credits: J Gibbs 75; S Brandon, H Davies 79; B Dummer 80; J Sharp, M Magnusson 81; J Davis 82.  Div. 1 approach on the 14th was won by M Magnusson 0.64; Div. 2 was won by L Loveday 0.40, and the 17th C Wooldridge 1.27, S Brandon 2.98. Sunday November 21 we played a 9-hole Stableford, 3-club competition, followed by the Ladies Annual General Meeting, luncheon and presentation of annual trophies. Division 1 winner was Rebecca Johnston with 16 points, runner-up Sue Brandon 15; Del Crowley, Kath Scotney 2nd and 3rd runners-up with 13 points.  Div. 2 was won by L Bagley 18, runners-up Helen Davies, Helen Hannah and Monica Harris 14 points.  A good day was had by all. Competitions next week: Saturday November 27 is a Stableford for trophies sponsored by Muffin Break Hinkler/ Stockland, Gary Holloway. Sunday November 28 is the final round of “President’s Cup 2021” Bargara v Bundaberg. Bargara is leading after round 1 by 4 points, so we have some catching up to do on Sunday. Shotgun start at 12 noon.



On Saturday November 13 the Men’s stableford competition was very generously sponsored by JAM Outdoor, David Blundell.  The A grade winner was Shane Lotz with 44 points and the runner-up was Scott Gibbs (V) 40.  B grade was won by Jamie Rach 38 points and runner-up Rex Morgan 37 c/b.  Credits: G Loveday 38; D Lester, J Muller, R Tolley 37; M Hart, M Doolan, T Juillerat, A Meale 36; B Garrett (V), M Betts, C Rowe, P Hoffman (V) 35; R Penny, D Cartwright, K Turner, K Ackerman, T Hall 34; W Scott, C Gibbons, C Tanzer, M Mudge, F Lowe 33.  Approach on the 9th and 15th was won by M Doolan 2.94 and 1.00, and Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin was won by L Phillips 3.89. Pro’s pinshots:  2nd C Rowe 3.27, A Meale, M Doolan 4.34, 4th L Phillips 3.89, D Harper, J Rach 4.36, 8th R Penny 4.70, R Dowe, A Meale 5.02, 14th C Rowe 1.43, C Gibbons, Kev Barritt, A Straume 3.05, and the 17th R Dowe 3.27, D Cartwright 10.12. Competitions next week: Saturday November 20 is a Stroke event, in conjunction “Victory Cup.  Check the notice board for the list of qualifiers.  PRESIDENT’S CUP – Sunday November 14 was round 1 of President’s Cup 2021, Bundaberg v Bargara; 4BBB Match Play v Bargara at Bargara.  Bargara were the winners this round, final results 17½ to 13½.  Final round is on Sunday November 28 at Bundy, we will be back.  If you are unable to play the 2nd round, please contact Men’s Captain David or Ladies Captain Miriam, so substitute players can be found.


Tuesday November 9 was a Stroke for Monthly Medal.  The Men’s winner was Owen Hedley 62 nett and Ladies winner was Maryann Price 70 nett.  Credits: Men, I Keune 67; B Kello 71; G Loveday 72; L Jackson, L Killer, R Hatt 73; J Berry, DT Williamson 74; I Webb 75; K Thompson, B Ives, G Hunt 76.  Credits: Ladies, M Hendren 73; M Magnusson 75; C Wright, V Mitchell 76; A Chalmers 77. Pinshot: Men 4th L Killer 4.65, D Hingston 7.67, and Approach 17th L Killer 0.08, G Wilmott,  I Keune, L Jackson, B Pole, G Loveday, K Stoddart, M Richard, B Stewart, R MacInnes 3.73. Ladies approach on the 4th V Mitchell 0.88, M Hendren, M Price, A Chalmers, L Loveday 1.96, the 8th S Brandon 0.25, M Newman 0.96, and the 17th A Chalmers 1.27, K Thompson 5.94. Raffle Winners: G Wilmott, Ken Callec x 2, J Jennings. Tuesday November 23 is a Stroke and in conjunction Monthly Medal Play-off for Men and Ladies.


Thursday November 11 was a Stableford won by David Cartwright 36 points, and runner-up Graham Tesch 33 c/b. Credits: C Gibbons 33; K Burton 31; M Hogan, M Goodwin, R Maudsley, S Hartley 30; M Haster, J Redshaw 29; M Perks, D Obst 28; D Harper 27.  Approach on the 3rd P Schoch 2.90.  Pinshots: 4th D Obst 3.85, 8th R Stephens 4.35, M Haster 8.10, 14th R Hatt 0.75, C Gibbons 1.40.  Thursday November 25 is a Stableford.


Thursday November 11 the T-Birdies stableford winner was Trish Talbot 32 points, and a credit to Del Crowley 31. The 17th Approach was won by T Talbot 0.94.  Thursday November 25 is a Stableford. Saturday November 13 the Women’s stableford competition was very generously sponsored by JAM Outdoor, David Blundell.  Division 1 was won by Linda Phillips 31 and runner-up Sally Hancock 30.  Division 2 was won by Jenny Sharp 22 and runner-up Jean Davis 21.  Credit:  N Hoffman (V) 24.  Approach on the 14th was won by Div. 1 L Phillips in the hole and Div. 2 J Davis 2.71.  Competitions next week: Saturday November 20 is a Stroke, in conjunction Medal Day Champions play-off. Check qualifiers list on the notice board. Sunday November 21 is our 9 hole, 3 club event, shotgun start at 9am followed by Ladies Annual General Meeting, Luncheon and Presentation of Annual Trophies.  Have you included your name on the sheet in the Ladies Lounge?