OCT 05 – OCT 13

Competition Results


Betta Home Living Bundaberg, Wade Abbott, sponsors the Men’s monthly medals each month, played in 3 grades, congratulations to all winners, many thanks Wade.  A grade nett winner Trevor McLeod 65 from runner-up Chris Rowe 66 and the best gross Troy Pashley 73.  B grade Warwick Peake 70 nett ocb from runner-up John Perry 70 ocb and Warwick won the best gross with 84.  In C grade Richard Brown 64 nett runner-up Bill Pole 67 and Bill was the gross winner with 88.  Consolations; S Martin 68; T Juillerat, O Hedley 69; D Gordon, N VanEekeren, T Richardson, R Balhorn 70; J Bull, W Tapper, M Doolan 71; R Pitt, M Hart, K Ackerman, B Ives 72; CJ Mutatiri, K Stam, N Dowling, D Turner, J Menyweather 73.  Approach 7th D Anderson 2.01 and the 15th CJ Mutatiri 2.31.  Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin on the 4th hole was M Doolan 4.79.Pro’s pinshots, 2nd R Balhorn 1.23, T Richardson, D Challen, C Rowe 4.75.  4th M Doolan 4.79, T Wilde, G Ridge, T Mooney, J Menyweather 10.17.  8th P Batt 0.51, W Ives, C Tranent, C Rowe, T Pashley 2.91.  14th T Futcher 2.60, D Saywell, M Doolan, K Ackerman, T Juillerat, L Killer 4.37.Competitions this week-end: Saturday October 19  is a 4 BBB stableford and our competition on the day is generously sponsored by Trevor McLeod Homes.  Sunday is a stableford medley.


Thursday winner was Bill Stewart 40 points ocb from runner-up Boyd Foster 40.  Consolations T Richardson, C Daniel 39; G Hay 38; K Fourro 37; E Martin 36; C Gibbons, P Stockham 35; M Perks, M Haster 34; K Nicholls 33.  Approach 3rd C Gibbons 4.75 and the 12th M Haster 2.24.  Pinshots, 2ndW Dye 0.57; 4th C Daniels 1.59; 8th R Shields 1.45; 14th C Gibbons 1.16.  Thursday October 17 is a stableford.

Thursday October 31  is the “October” round of the “Upper Crust Cup” Backmarker Challenge.  This is an open stroke event with separate competitions for Men and Ladies, including consolations, and sponsored generously by Upper Crust Bakery and Café, Kensington.  Men who shoot 70 nett or better and Ladies shooting 71 nett or better will receive a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.   Shotgun start at 12 noon and our generous sponsors Jason and Emma will be providing the usual tasty products from 11.30am for all to enjoy.  If you haven’t already nominated be sure to phone the pro. shop on 4151 6706 to include your name on the sheet, nominate ASAP.




Tuesday Veteran Men’s stableford  winner was Keith Spencer 44 points and the Ladies Julie Wilson 38 points.  Consolations Men J McDowell, N Brauer 37; G McCracken, E Martin 36; R Brettell, G MacDonald, L Killer 35; N Dowling 34.  Ladies consolations A Chalmers 36; D Crowley 33.  Men’s pinshots, 4th G MacDonald 3.32, B Stewart 13.50 & 14th P Busch 8.57, K Spencer 9.80.  Men’s approach 17th P Busch 0.18, A Beggs, K Spencer, N Dowling, G McCracken, D Jackson, R Balhorn, E Martin, M Perks 2.84.  Ladies approaches, 4th J Wilson 0.58, D Crowley, A Chalmers 1.92; 8th J Wilson in the hole, A Chalmers 0.75 and the 17th J Wilson 0.98, D Crowley 0.99.

The competition to-day is a single stableford.  Please register by 9.30 for a 10am shotgun start.  The first round of the 4BBB Mixed is Tuesday 22nd and the final round Tuesday 29th.




The ladies monthly medals are sponsored every month by Wade Abbott at Betta Home Living Bundaberg, many thanks Wade from all players.  Division 1 winner Kay Rosengreen 76 nett and Marion Hemsley was the gross winner on 90.  In division 2 Lesley Loveday won the nett with 74 and the gross 102 and Lesley and Marion Hemsley shared the putting with 29.  Consolations M McQuire 75; D Jorgensen, L Schafer 76; M Hemsley 78; V Nixon 79.  Division 1 approach on the 14th hole M Magnusson 0.51 and division 2 K Tischler 1.42 and K Rosengreen won the approach on the 17th 0.97.

Competition on Saturday is a 4 BBB stableford and our trophies are sponsored by Trevor McLeod Homes, cards J Davis.