Competition Results

OCT 15 – OCT 21


Trevor McLeod Homes was our generous sponsor of the Stableford competition on Saturday October 20.  The winner in A-grade was Paul Batt with 44 points and runner-up Adam Lovett 40 on c/back and the B-grade winner was Gary Winterburn 45 points from runner-up Peter Ryan 42 on c/back.  Consolations: M Roberts 42; N Gibbs, B McClymont, B Dalton, A Gray 41; M Perks, G Arnold, M Gee, S Jarick, R MacInnes, T McLeod, Adam Rayner 40; P Easton, C Daniel, G Wilmott, T Richardson 39; J Bull, T Mooney, I Webb, L Jackson, G Tesch, D Leet, K Ackerman, R Dowe, D Cartwright, W Peake 38; W Scott, N Shaw, S Shirley 37 on c/back.  Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin on the 4th went to CJ Mutatiri 1.12.  Approach on the 9th K Burton 0.28 and the 13th approach R Chapman 2.27.  Pro’s pinshots: 2nd N Gibbs 2.84, P J Baxter, F Lowe, C Daniel, Kev Barritt, S Shirley 7.16, 4th CJ Mutatiri 1.12, A Gray, K Aslett, M Magnusson, M Shailer, L Finsen, J Davis, D Saywell, B Foster 2.40, 8th R Hardy 0.77, T Pashley, D Lester, G Arnold, R Ezzy, K Jones, L Killer 4.87, 14th D Saywell 1.64, B Dalton, T Mooney, D Cartwright, K Burton, T Juillerat, L Bust.  Competitions this week: Thursday Upper Crust Cup Open Back-marker Challenge, shotgun start 11.30am, check out the details in Thursday sporters notes.  Saturday is a Reverse 4BBB Stableford which is very generously sponsored by DGZ Chartered Accountants and Sunday is a Stableford medley.  Have you included your team name on the sheet in the pro shop for the first round of the President’s Cup 4BBB Match play v Bargara at Bundaberg on Sunday November 4.


Tuesday’s Stableford competition was generously sponsored by Kay Tischler, thank you Kay.  The Ladies winner on the day was Julie Wilson with 41 points and runner-up Margaret Magnusson 35.  The winner in the Men’s competition was Brian Druitt 36 points from runner-up Kev Christensen 35.  Men’s consolations: C Cahill (V) 36; K Melville (V), P Hughes 35;  L Killer, B Pole, R Maudsley 34; K Kroger (V), R MacInnes 33 on c/back.  Ladies consolations: D Searle, C Wright 34; D Hartfiel 31.  Men’s pro’s approach on the 4th J Berry 10.90, G Cahill (V), R Austin (V), E Martin 16.95.  Club pinshot for Men on the 14th R Beach (V) 5.42, R Austin (V) 6.45 and the men’s club approach on the 17th R Austin (V) 0.74, L Killer 1.23.  Ladies pro’s approach on the 4th D Hartfiel 1.45, B Dummer, K Tischler, M Magnusson 1.98.  Ladies club approaches on 8th J Wilson 0.57, B Gatt 1.17 and on the 17th J Wilson 3.31, C Wright 3.33. The competition Tuesday is a Stableford and all trophies on the day sponsored by James Curtin, our thanks Jim.  Field W Pole J Wilson, cards Mi Newman.


Thursday October 18 was a Stableford and was won by Eddie Richardson 41 points and runner-up Frank Donnelly 40.  Consolations: J Manteit 39; K Thompson 38; D Cartwright, B McDonnell 37; M Haster, K Ackerman 36; K Fourro, B Druitt, R Hancock 35.  Approach on 3rd S Sergiacomi 2.25 and the 12th M Janke 2.03.  Pinshots: 2nd S Sergiacomi 12.02, 4th R Hancock 4.37, 8th A Davies 3.11, 14th M Janke 3.00.  Thursday October 25 is the 6th round of the “Upper Crust Cup”.  This is an Open Stroke event with separate competitions for Men and Ladies, including consolations, and sponsored generously by Upper Crust Bakery and Café, Moore Park and Kensington. Players who beat their handicap will receive a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.  Shotgun start at 11.30am and our generous sponsors Jason and Emma will be providing the usual tasty products from 10.30am for all to enjoy.  If you haven’t already nominated be sure to phone the pro shop on 4151 6706 to include your name on the sheet ASAP.  Future rounds of the Upper Crust Cup will be played on the last Thursday each month through to April 2019.


Trevor McLeod Homes generous sponsored the Stableford competition on Saturday October 20.   Division 1 winner was Julie Wilson c/back from runner-up Margaret Magnusson 36.  In division 2 Linda Finsen was the winner with 38 points from runner-up Val Nixon 36.  Consolations: Leanne Windeknecht (V) 35; L Phillips 34; N Zwisler 33; K Rosengreen 32.  Club approach on the 14th Div. 1 L Windeknecht in the hole and Div. 2 L Finsen 2.51 and the approach on the 17th J Wilson 1.59, M Price 12.22.  Our Bundy players travelled to Hervey Bay on Sunday for the Bay Ladies Open Day in conjunction the final round of the week-end pennants.  Pleased to say that Bundy successfully defended their week-end pennant title from last year, many thanks to all players who participated in the open days during the year, job well done.  Congratulations also to individual winners on the day Linda Phillips, Deon Fleming and Jacki Petterson.

Our congratulations and well done to Jill Marrinan as 2018 GWB Order of Merit Winner and to Isabella Artcheua as the 2018 GWB Morrie Fanning Medal Carnival Stroke Average.  Good results all round.  Saturday October 27 Reverse 4BBB Stableford sponsored by DGZ Chartered Accountants and Sunday is a Stableford medley.