• Distance Markers are classed as “immovable obstructions”- they are not to be removed. You may take free relief from a distance marker “if it impedes your stance or swing”
  • Please keep up with the Group in front and not in front of the Group behind.
  • It would be appreciated if early players on Saturdays do not tee off until your actual tee time and per the Time sheet. The Greens Staff may still be mowing the greens and may not yet have mowed those greens close to the houses in the Estate. If you tee off early and play a green that has not been mowed, then you may be dis-advantaged over the rest of the field.

We have had notice from Golf Australia in regard to the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

  1. Please note from 6am the 15th of April 2021, Outdoor sports no longer need to follow a COVID safe plan for that aspect of their operations.
  2. Practically, this means that the restrictions that have been in place on shared equipment, i.e. pins & bunker rakes, are no longer in force, and committees may now return to play under the normal rules of golf.
  3. The COVID-19 temporary local rules continue to be available for use by clubs, and if an outbreak was to occur, clubs should be prepared to re-introduce the restrictions if required by the Queensland Government.”
  4. This will mean that RAKES will be returned to bunkers ASAP and there will NO LONGER BE PREFERRED LIE IN BUNKERS.
  5. Please ensure you rake the bunker of your footprints and ball strike before exiting the bunker at the lowest point.
  6. Flag sticks may be removed.
  7. Score cards will be exchanged.

* * * * * * * *


To enable this to happen, the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming has applied certain restrictions, which must be followed by everyone, and remain in force until further notice:
Update on latest Queensland Government announcement on COVID-19 restrictions:-

What does this mean?
♣ Everyone who wishes to have a drink will be required to sign in at the Club house premises.
Please use our new QR code to sign in with your smart phone.
♣ You may order, and collect drinks at the bar.
♣ Alcohol is permitted on the course.
♣ Scorecards will be entered by players upstairs.

We are still waiting for Golf Australia to let us know what this means for our game, but at this stage, the following recommendations apply:
♦ Flag sticks may be removed from the hole.
♦ Rakes will be in bunkers, please rake your foot prints as there will be NO preferred lie.
♦ Hand Sanitisers have been provided in pin shot boxes for players to use.
♦ Please exchange cards with your Marker.

Your Committee would like to thank everyone for your adherence to the rules imposed on us in the past few months.  We would especially like to thank Craig and his staff for the wonderful work they have done to enable us to continue playing golf.
Geoff Loveday
President ~ Bundaberg Golf Club


  1. WE NOW HAVE ELECTRONIC TIME SHEETS! Anyone who does not have a computer wanting a game needs to contact the Pro shop to book a time, or ask a Friend. Emails will be forwarded to members with more information, please be sure your email address is up to date, contact the club if changes need to be made.There will be times allocated at a minimum of 7 minutes apart. This will negate the social gathering problem around the clubhouse.
  2. Maximum numbers per group will be four.
  3. We will be having competition days on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
  4. There are limited places on Saturday so make sure your log-on to the Our Golf Booking Page or you contact the Pro Shop (4151 6706). If you put your name down and fail to turn up you have probably taken someone else’s chance to play, so please delete your name from the online time sheet before midnight prior to your competition day, also contact the Pro Shop if you find you cannot play on the day.


* * * * *


A number of players have been entering the golf course to play or to practice on the Practice Fairway without reporting
to the Pro Shop to register prior to playing or practicing. All players are required to report to the Pro shop to register prior to playing/practicing so that the Club has a record of who is on the course for insurance purposes.  If you do not register you are in fact trespassing on the course.  In respect to volunteer workers on the course you must report/contact our Course Superintendent Dylan Keam prior to going onto the course.Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

(By order of the Committee)


There is always ”volunteer” work to do around the course, including the garden beds, so if you are “free” – give Dylan Keam our Greens superintendent a call on 0401 240 204 to offer your services. Working bee every Monday 8:00 am for Weed Wanderers, phone Lyal O’ Shanesy on 4159 3923 for further details and offers of help


If you would like to be kept up to date with the latest news and information about happenings at your club, including Open Days and Carnivals, special events and Corporate Days, please advise the office of your current e-mail address.