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JAN 03 ~ JAN 10

Sunday January 3 was an Open Stableford Medley won by Colin Hill with 39 points ocb from runner-up Gary Marsden 39.  Credits: D Robertson 38; T Richardson 34; W Tapper, A Porter 32; S McGoldrick, T McLeod, S Sauverain 31; N Stitt, P Jenkins, T Cousemacker 30; K Stam, S Buxton, C Stitt 29.  Saturday January 9 was a Stableford and A grade was won by CJ Mutatiri 40 ocb from runner-up Thomas Hall 40 ocb.  The B grade winner was Jamie Rach with 40 points and runner-up Justin Knowles 39 ocb.  Credits: S Sergiacomi (V) 42; D Cartwright 40; T Marrinan, R Cooke, G Holloway 39; M Craven, W Scott, C Lamond, A Pisani 38; J Menyweather, R Tolley, R Clark 37; S McMahon, J Wooldridge, R Stephens, D Hess, B Stevens, O Hedley 36; Alan Rayner, K Herrmann, W Chalmers, D Obst, R Grills, F Lowe, J Redshaw, H Anderson, Ken Barritt 35; K Brown, G Ridge, P Zandona, B Ives, G MacDonald, C Hill, R Weekes, T Tempest 34.  Hole-in-One for Sean Sergiacomi on the 2nd. Eagles on 5th for K Burton, the 9th S Sergiacomi and the 12th T Hall.  Congratulations! Club approaches on 9th S Sergiacomi in the hole, the 15th T Marrinan 2.90, and Gardeners golden circle nearest the pin on the 4th G Mann 1.24.  Pro’s pinshots: 2nd S Sergiacomi in the hole, D Blundell, B Stewart, J Wooldridge, Ken Barritt, D Obst, C Herrmann, E Richardson, G Lituri 11.12, 4th G Mann 1.24, O Hedley, K Moore, G Rieck, N Shaw, K Beeston, D Challen, W Scott, T Tempest 8.40, 8th T Marrinan 0.90, K Ackerman, D Forman, D Gordon, D Tronc , K Aslett, D Davis, W Scott 6.10, 14th M Parsons 0.99, K Aslett, J McEwan, J Bull, B Stevens, G Lituri, W Scott, Alan Rayner, R Tolley 6.02.
Sunday January 10 was our Opening Day and our new Patron David Gordon wished all in attendance best wishes and good golf for the year, prior to hitting the first ball of the 2021 golf season down the 1st fairway.  Mixed 4BBB Stableford winners were Sue and Ross Brandon with 44 points ocb from runners-up Chris and Keith Herrmann 44.  Overflow 4BBB winners were Noel Stitt and Simon Gills 43 points. Credits: J Nicholson/ J Bull 42; K Scotney/ R Stephens, J Gibbs/ N Shaw, N Brauer/ B Stewart, S Lotz/ M Janke 41; J Davis/ J Muller 40.   Pro’s pinshots: 2nd P Baxter 3.38, K Ackerman 5.40, 4th J Davis 8.30, D Crowley 14.15, 8th T Hall 3.88, K Ackerman 4.20, 14th D Obst 1.28, J Marrinan 3.77.  Competitions this week-end: Saturday January 16 is a Stableford. Sunday January 17 is the VW Scramble 2021, teams of 4; contact the Pro Shop for more info on 4151 6706. Nomination forms for the 2021 Burnett Cup, incorporating Peter Hitchcock Memorial Plate, available at the Pro Shop.   Thanks again to our Sponsors, dgz financial planning, Ross Gray Motor City and Scott Burke Solar.  Nominate ASAP as nominations close Wednesday January 27 at 5pm, first round cup Saturday January 30 and 2nd round of the cup and 1st of the Plate on Sunday January 31.

Tuesday January 5 we played a Stableford for club trophies. Winner for the men was Barry Dansey 41 points and runner-up Greg Chandler 40.  The Ladies winner was Jill Marrinan 35.  Men’s credits: D Jackson, R Ezzy 36; K Spencer 35; C Tanzer, J Jennings, P Hughes, W Dye 34 B Druitt, B Stewart, G McCracken 33; M O’Sullivan (V), K Christensen 32.  Ladies credits:  K Tischler 33; M O’Sullivan (V), S Gall (V) 32.  Men’s pinshot on the 4th R Jasch (V) 11.30, K Spencer 13.05, the 14th B Dansey 2.31, D Meade 1.63 and the men’s approach on 17th P Easton 0.28, B Dansey, E Martin, R Brandon, K Spencer, J Jennings, D Jackson 3.92. Ladies approach on the 4th S Brandon 2.18, L Finsen, H Davies 5.30, the 8th C Wright 4.00 and the 17th J Marrinan 0.10, B Dummer 1.99.  Tuesday January 19 is a Stableford.  Veterans Opening Day for the 2021 season is Tuesday February 2, hit-off by our Patroness Jean Davis, with a shot gun start at 10AM. Be sure to include your names on the time sheet please.

Thursday January 7
was a Stroke and the winner was John Muller 69 nett ocb from runner-up Gary Holloway 69.  Credits: K Stam, W Scott, E Thomson, W Ives 71; M Doolan 73; R Brandon, L Bust, I Webb 73; G Hay, M Janke, R Shield 74; S Jarick, G Chandler 75; D Cartwright, C Gibbons, R Stephens, S Gills, C Baldwin 76; S Muller, K Thompson, L DeGeorge, R Maudsley, J Rach, B Stewart 77; D Widdows, J Redshaw, A Lovett, N Stitt 78; P Crosby, K Turner, C Rowe, T Brandon, K Aslett 79; R Hatt, G Mann, R Asnicar 80; W Dick 81.  Approaches on the 3rd D Robertson 2.42 and the 12th C Rowe 0.42.  Pinshots: 2nd B Stewart 1.13, A Lovett 3.50, 4th J Redshaw 1.34, D Robertson 3.55, 8th R Brandon 4.24, W Holloway 4.97, 14th C Gibbons 0.69, W Ives.  Thursday January 21 is a Stableford.

Saturday January 9 was Stableford Sweepstakes and the winner was Kate McFarlane 36 ocb.  Credits: Chris Herrmann 36 and Judy Gibbs 33. Competition Saturday 16 is Stableford Sweepstakes.  Ladies Burnett Cup 2021 round 1 is on Saturday February 6, and the 2nd round of the Cup and first round of the plate is on Sunday 7th.  We are sponsored again this year by dgz chartered accountants, many thanks for your continued support of the Ladies Burnett Cup.  Nominations close Wednesday February 3, maximum 16 pairs, please nominate ASAP.   Contact the Pro Shop or Captain Miriam for more information on 0477 486545.

DEC 27 ~ JAN 02 

Mens Results for Saturday 2 January 2021 – Stableford
A Grade Winner K Stam 41cb, Runner-Up K Ackerman 41, 2nd Runner-Up G Rieck 39 ocb. B Grade Winner W Olsen 38 ocb, Runner-Up K Herrmann 38, 2nd Runner-Up B Druitt 37 ocb. C Grade Winner H Anderson 44 ocb, Runner-Up G Ray (v) 44, 2nd Runner-Up J Redshaw 40. EAGLE ON THE 3RD – W Stewart.
Consolations:  P Cocking 39, A Beggs, F McCosh, D Anderson 38, R Black, M Parsons, R Wooldridge 37, C Daniel, K Burton, A Portelli, M Goodwin, W Dye, K Turner, S Olive, R MacInnes 36, D Cartwright, W Stewart, D Blundell, R Ezzy, L Bust, N Brauer, S Martin, K Stoddart, M Atherton, G Holloway, R Tolley 35, K Aslett, C Mutatiri, R Stephens, C Gibbons, Ken Barritt, W Scott, R Clark, G Lituri, B Cameron, M Pearen, K Christensen 34.
Approach on 7th K Burton 2.33, and the 18th W Olsen 2.53.  Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin on the 4th was A Kirchner 1.71. Eagle for W Stewart on the 3rd.  Pro’s pinshots: 2nd D Cartwright 1.34, M Mudge, K Anderson, C Daniel, K Burton, K Ackerman, G Rieck, B Kello, A Portelli 10.60, 4th A Kirchner 1.71, B Stevens, T Juillerat, K Burton, C Daniel, R Black, D Challen, A Beggs, C Gibbons, T Marrinan 7.05, 8th S Muller 0.16, W Holloway, D Anderson, P Easton, J Wooldridge, R Ezzy, S McMahon, J McEwan, G Holloway, P Jones 4.90, 14th W Dye 1.09, K Ackerman, K Aslett, N Brauer, W Ives, L O’Shanesy, K Rosengreen, H Anderson, D Anderson, T Marrinan 8.40. Sunday January 10 is our 2021 Opening Day Mixed 4BBB Stableford and overflow 4BBB Stableford.  Please register your names on the sheet in the pro shop.  Be early to see our Patron David Gordon hit the first ball of the 2021 golf season, prior to the shotgun start at 12 noon.  Nomination forms for the 2021 Burnett Cup, incorporating Peter Hitchcock Memorial Plate, are available at the Pro Shop.  Thanks again to our Sponsors, dgz financial planning, Ross Gray Motor City and Scott Burke Solar.  Check the clubhouse or the pro shop for more information.  Nominate ASAP as nominations close Wednesday January 27 at 5pm, first round cup Saturday January 30 and 2nd round of the cup and 1st of the Plate on Sunday January 31.

Veteran’s Results Tuesday 29 December 2020
Stableford Winner: Keith Stoddart 35. Consolations: Richard Wagner 35; Barry Dansey 35; Bill Stewart 35; Peter Ryan 34; Bill Ives 34; Wayne Dye 34; Ron Balhorn 33. Pinshots men: 4th W Dye 5.55 and 14th B Pole 5.86.  Men’s approach on 17th K Christensen 0.21, P Hughes, K Stoddart, R Wagner, G Wilmott, B Pole, G Hunt, D Jackson 7.61. Ladies approach on the 8th J Marrinan 1.83.

Sporters Results Thursday 31 December 2020
Stableford winner:  Mitchell Hart 35, and runner-up Ken Turner 32 ocb.  Credits: K Ackerman 32; J McEwan, K Stam, D Obst, R Stephens, L Tonzing, R Cooke 31.  Approach on 3rd L Bust 0.9.  Pinshots: 2nd K Ackerman 9.51, 4th K Ackerman 10.40, 8th L Bust 8.62, 14th D Obst 11.19.

Ladies Results Saturday 2 January 2021
Stableford Sweepstakes Winner: Linda Phillips 37 (6 credits). Consolations: Kaye Rosengreen 36; Marion Mobbs 36; Rose Lay 33; Judy Gibbs 32; Jill Marrinan 32; Beth Dummer 30.  Next Week: Stableford Sweepstakes. Opening Day is Sunday 10 January ~ 4BBB Mixed Stableford – 12 midday Shot Gun Start ~ $20 per player ~ organise your partners and play the first event of the 2021 Golfing Year.