Membership Fees

1 OCTOBER 2023 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2024 Annual Subscriptions:

Full Membership – Option A: – $765.00 (Must be paid by 31 October, does NOT include Social Green Fees)

     OR                          Option B: – $880.00 (Includes Social Green Fees)   *Direct Debit        Facilities Available – see note 3


Junior “A” –   $185.00 – Student under 18

Junior “B” –   $375.00 – Working under 18

Intermediate Membership – (18-24 years full time student) 60% full membership $528.00 – (Copy of Student ID )Card required)
(18-24 years working) 75% full membership $660.00.  *Direct Debit Facilities Available
see note 3

Sub-Junior – $110.00 (two or more children $100 per child) – Junior Competition only, no handicap.

Country Membership – $637.00 (Must live more than 40kms from GPO. NOT eligible to win Honour Board events (Proof of residence required). Does NOT include Social Green Fees.  *Direct Debit Facilities Available – see note 3

Temporary Membership – $80.00 per Month – Must be a member of an affiliated club – includes Social Green Fees.

Social Golf Membership – Midweek – $670.00 – includes Social Green Fees – No Handicaps-  – See note 1

Business Package Membership– $1130.00 – includes Social Green Fees –  See Note 2

Limited Membership – $470.00 – GA Handicap (No Direct Debit Facilities) – See note 4

Introductory Membership – $690.00 – GA Handicap – See note 5

 Seasonal Membership – $493-00 – GA Handicap – See note 6  – Summer: 1 Sep – 31 Mar; Winter: 1 Mar – 31 Aug

Fifo Membership – $490-00 – GA Handicap – See note 7 – includes Social Green Fees – No direct debit facilities.


PLEASE NOTE:  All monthly direct debits incur a $3.50 monthly service fee

  1.  Social – Members taking up this membership will be entitled to play social golf any day outside competition times.  Social Members will not be able to book electronicaly and must phone the Proshop on (07) 4151 6706 to book their Tee time.
  2.  A “Business Package” membership is available at a cost of $1130.00 incl. GST. This will include one full membership and sponsorship (with signage rights etc.) for one Saturday competition event during the year. 
  3.  Direct Debit – Annual membership fees that are paid on a monthly basis will be required to commit “up front” to a fixed period of twelve (12) months with the first monthly payment to be made upon receipt of a signed application.  Members using this option will be required to sign forms authorising the club to set up a “direct debit” facility that will enable the club to automatically debit the member’s nominated account for the monthly amount. Any member that subsequently closes the nominated account within the 12 month period will not be entitled to access this option in the future.  Social Green Fees included.
  4.  Limited – GA Handicap – No Direct Debit Facilities – Full playing rights on Sundays, including social green fees. Other days: Social 18 Holes $15.00 – 9 Holes $10.00, all other competitions $27.50, this applies to all midweek, Sporters, Ladies and Veteran Golfers. Can win daily competitions excluding Monthly Medals. Not eligible for Club Championships.
  5.  Introductory – GA Handicap – No Direct Debit Facilities – Includes Social Green Fees. First twelve months for a new member only. IE. The new member is defined as a person who has not been a member of any golf club before.
  6.  Seasonal – GA Handicap – No Direct Debit Facilities.  Memberships for members of another Sporting Club and must be a playing member or Coach. Full playing rights with GA Handicap during Membership Period. May play outside nominated period – Social golf $15.00 and Competition golf $27.50.  Membership card must be presented to Pro Shop on registering to play.
  7. Fifo – GA Handicap – No Direct Debit Facilities – Includes Social Green fees. Applicants must submit proof of occupation, Employer’s name, and a copy of their work roster.